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The Mediterranean Diet is the Best Overall and Easiest to Follow.

The Mediterranean Diet is the Best Overall and Easiest to Follow, according to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report. Embracing the M͓̽e͓̽d͓̽D͓̽i͓̽e͓̽t͓̽ is all about making some simple but profound changes in the way you eat 1. Eat lots of vegetables. They are vitally important to the fresh tastes and delicious flavors of the Med Diet 2. Change the way you think about meat. If you eat meat, have smaller amounts 3. Enjoy some dairy products 4. Eat seafood twice a week. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and offer benefits for brain and heart health 5. Cook a vegetarian meal one night a week. Include beans, whole grains, and vegetables, and heighten the flavor with fragrant herbs...

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Mushrooms' DNA is more related to Humans than to Plants

There are actual genetic and biological reasons to suddenly look at mushrooms as our somewhat close relatives 🤔 This said next time you enjoy any of our #megliokitchen #mushroomantipasto, remember that they have more in common with you than you thought... Maybe that's why you like them so much! 😋 #megliokitchen #westonantipastos #tasteandnutrition #honornaturesgoods #shrooms #magicmushrooms #mushroomprotein #plantprotein #eatyourvegetables

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See 6 good reasons why we should eat Mushrooms

1. They're super low in calories 2. They make a great meat substitute with no cholesterol, and only 0.5 grams of fat 3. They're loaded with important nutrients like copper, iron, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, selenium, and zinc, as well as vitamin D 4. They contain high levels of a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant called ergothioneine 5. They can fight cancer thanks to their cancer-fighting compounds including beta-glucans, grifolin, lentinan, and lectins 6. They're ready for you in any of our four Meglio Kitchen Mushroom Antipastos varieties: White, with Dried Tomatoes, Spicy or Funghi Misti

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Eggplants, Peppers and Artichokes also known as...

Did you know that vegetables also known as calorie burning or catabolic are those that can help you lose weight naturally by requiring more calories to digest than they provide to the body? Proponents believe the key to weight loss is to center your diet primarily around high-grade negative calorie foods by including vegetables like eggplants, peppers and artichokes, among others.

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